Critical Infrastructure

23 March 2020

Riverdale Global, LLC operates an essential global business which provides critical infrastructure in the form of raw materials, equipment, spare parts, and technical service needed for medical supply chains, and for supply chains associated with transportation, energy, communications, food and agriculture, chemical manufacturing, and emergency services.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), has stated that the incapacitation or destruction of critical infrastructure would have a debilitating effect on the security, public health, and possibly the economic security of the country. Riverdale Global is considered one of these essential businesses.

Given this designation, we are asserting critical and essential status and invoke exceptions to any enforced shutdowns by our local or state governments.

We will remain open for business throughout the COVID-19 crisis at all locations in order to provide critical materials and support for the industries we serve.

In addition, we are making every effort to ensure we are following the CDC guidelines for the safety of our employees and their families.

Paul Maguire

A letter to our customers -- We are OPEN and here to HELP

20 March 2020

To our loyal customers:

There have been a lot of new phrases we have been hearing: abundance of caution; social distancing; sheltering in place; and now, life-sustaining business.​ ​Yesterday, the Governor of Pennsylvania issued an order for all non life-sustaining businesses to close all physical locations.

What is a life-sustaining business? ​Is Riverdale Global one? Should we ​close our doors? ​As many of you know, we make color for toys, furniture, sp​orting ​equipment​, and other products which certainly don't seem to be life-sustaining business needs. However, we also make color and additives for razors (doct​o​rs ​and nurses ​needing to wear tight fitting masks), tampons, water bottles, food packaging, baby food caps,​ ​baby car seats​, ​health care products (pill bottles and caps), ​bio-medical products, ​health safety products (​face shields and ventilators), hand sanitizer pumps, hand soap packaging, cleaning wipes packaging, and many many more essential products.

We're a relatively small company which could close its doors​, and reopen after it all passes. The government has promised to provide financial help to both employees and employers. But even the size we are, if we close our doors, we will add to the shortages of certain products. Each day we stay open, we ship enough ​product to enable our customers to make ​well ​over a million pounds of finished goods.

What we're up against changes everyday. We need to ​continue ​to practice social distancing, at home and at work. We need to shelter in place with only essential ​activities. We need to use an abundance of caution​ with all of our decisions.​

The last thing I want to do is risk the well-being of our employees or their families. With everyone's personal circumstances ​being unique, I have communicated to our employees the importance of what we as a company do but I have encouraged them to do what is best for their situation.

We have been asked by many customers to provide a statement about our supply chain for raw materials which go into their product. We have kept a close eye on raw materials, and have yet to see a disruption in the supply. We have asked the same of our suppliers, and have received the same reassurance of no sign of disruption yet. The key word here being ‘yet’, whether said or implied. The disruption is not with the raw materials. Outside of disposable gloves and Tyvek suits we have a fairly good stock and supply of raw materials. The disruption, however, is or will be with the ability to keep employees safe and healthy to produce the product.

I recognize that many of our customers depend on Riverdale to be ​there for them​...​ and we​,​ ​as a society, ​depend on the ​millions of ​products they make​ everyday. It is for these customers that I will continue to help keep our doors open​,​​ for​ I believe they have a life-sustaining business which depends on Riverdale to continue the supply.

​I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy ​during these challenging times.

Respectfully yours,
Paul Maguire

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