Our goal is to use the least amount of color possible while achieving customer's desired effect for greater product sustainability.
Liquid color produces fully developed color with less pigment than concentrate. Final dispersion is more complete, achieving full color strength with less pigment (often 30% less than concentrate).
The better dispersion of liquid color requires less color in a plastic part giving recyclers an easier time to provide the industry with more post consumer material to replace virgin.

Liquid weighs less, which reduces transportation costs.
We offer a proprietary blend of natural carrier systems.
Overall energy savings as high as 16% have been documented.
We make color in customer containers to minimize waste every step of the way

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GlobalTracker™ provides real-time data to track color matches, orders, and material usage with full accountability and traceability of every component. Our system eliminates waste with precise inventory tracking.
Local satellites provide support for color matching, emergencies, and frequent deliveries to keep proper inventory levels.
Riverdale Global's +GlobalPlus™ sealed additives economically add performance, protection and sustainability to your product. Learn More

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