Custom Product Development

Give your product a unique visual effect, or maximize its performance and protection.

Custom formulas are our specialty. Riverdale Global provides advanced custom color and additive development for your products. Our highly experienced color design specialists will work closely with you and your team to achieve the result you desire. Custom effects give your product a unique identity. Visual effects can include pearlescent, fluorescent, and metallic.


We can help you achieve your goals of product performance and protection. Choose from a variety of color options, additives and combinations.


We can also help you resolve some of your process issues by combining your custom color with our selection of Sealed Additives™.


Riverdale Global has a Color Development Lab that is conveniently located near the center of the NY metro area in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Our facility is only a couple of blocks from the train station allowing for easy accessibility to and from Manhattan as well as the Newark International Airport.
Our Color Development Lab provides an opportunity for customers to work closely with our color matching team on site to create and customize their matches as they see fit. This direct approach can help to expedite the matching process by eliminating the traditional back and forth that comes with initiating a color match and can lead to much faster match approvals.
Additionally, our Color Development Lab has two visitor lounges with WiFi capabilities where customers can work or relax while their matches are being completed. Our objective is to provide a productive space for our customers to match their colors in the most timely fashion possible.