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Plastics News Webinar – Tuesday, October 27th at 2:00 PM EST

How do you cut your color costs in half when coloring plastics?

Riverdale Global has joined up with Plastics News to run a webinar on sustainable and economical ways to color plastics.

This session will look at how using liquid color in plastics can improve your sustainability for plastics. When compared to coloring plastics with pelletized color, you achieve better dispersion and need less color to achieve the same shade.

Riverdale Global's liquid color and additives are the most economical and sustainable way to color plastics.

  • Sustainable Savings™ - How to cut color costs in half and reduce color change over time.
  • How liquid color lowers energy usage, reduces scrap rates, warehouse space, and reduces cycle times.
  • Introduction to our GlobalLocal™ business model - Local service, delivery and support. How our approach eliminates industrial waste and sends zero to landfill.
  • How to increase the use of PCR / recycled materials in your finished product with our liquid additives.
  • Eliminate dispersion issues and improve your manufacturing process.
  • Examples of our local color customization.
  • Introduction to our gravimetric equipment – which provides the greatest amount of control to reduce color usage and lower costs.
  • Introduction to our complimentary color management software, GlobalTracker™.
  • Overview of our RGInfinity™ system – automatic refill of containers eliminates downtime.

Our goal is to use the least amount of color possible, while achieving customer's desired effect for greater product sustainability.

Discover how you can start making Sustainable Savings™ - register for the webinar today.

Register for our Webinar with Plastics News | October 27, 2020, 2:00 PM | With Paul Maguire

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