We took our 50 plus years of experience and technology innovation to develop a ground breaking color management system.

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GlobalTracker™ is a color management software that provides real time company‑wide colorant data to track color matches, orders, and material usage by machine, operator, job, or facility with full accountability and traceability of every component.

Key Features:

  • Submit color matches
  • Track progress of color matches
  • Order approved colors
  • Track and reorder inventory
  • Track shipments
  • View order history
  • B2B integration
  • Just-In-Time Inventory
  • Trace purchased materials to finished products
  • Trace raw ingredients to purchased colors and work orders
  • Full accountability and bidirectional traceability
  • Track material usage
  • Track work orders
  • Track lot numbers
  • Track machines running materials at multiple plants
  • Track operator ID numbers
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Predictive maintenance technology
  • Trending data that can foresee problems before they affect uptime
  • Multi-point data captures to be able to rule out or affirm the root cause of a problem

GlobalTracker™ has remote analysis capabilities for equipment that enable Riverdale Global engineers to diagnose performance issues offsite.

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