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Caps & Closures 2020 Virtual Edition

We're excited to be part of the virtual edition of Caps & Closures for 2020. Paul Maguire, CEO of Riverdale Global, will be explaining how caps and closures processors can cut color costs in half.

We're live on September 22, 12:00 pm. Sign up now to ask our expert all the things you've ever wanted to know about liquid, so you too can start making sustainable savings.

When compared to pelletized concentrate, liquid color cuts your color costs in half and decreases your color change time. This session will look at how using liquid color in caps and closures can improve your sustainability for plastics.

We will focus on how liquid color saves you money with lower energy usage, reduced cycle times, less waste, and more. We will also discuss how you can achieve your sustainability goals using our new line of additives, including increasing PCR content in your finished product.

  1. Reduce color usage while achieving full color development with less pigment (often 30% less than concentrate).
  2. Improve sustainability: reduce your transportation costs, energy usage and send zero to landfill, eliminating industrial waste.
  3. Increase the use of PCR content in your finished product.
  4. Latest development in the field of liquid color technology to help reduce energy usage, versus pellet. Increase the use of PCR content in your finished product.
Feel free to get in touch with us to chat about your liquid color or additives dispersion needs. 

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