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Live Webinar – PlastikCity UK – Watch the Replay

How to cut your color costs in half when coloring plastics.

We ran a webinar with PlastikCity, sharing novel solutions in the field of color and additives, which bring cost savings to plastics processors. Missed the session? Or looking for a recap, then check out the webinar here.
This webinar is a practical guide to gaining production efficiencies for processes that incorporate regrind. What will this session cover?
We will use real UK & European based case studies to demonstrate these benefits in the following ways:
  • How an extrusion company using 100% regrind has dramatically improved processing whilst optimizing their material blending requirements.
  • How extrusion processors have successfully increased production yield by 20% only by changing their color supplier.
  • How processors of large injection molded parts (with high recycled content) can cut their start-up scrap from 25 shots scrapped to just 5, by changing their color and additive supplier.
  • How blow molders with large accumulator heads have reduced start-up from 24 hours to 30 minutes by changing their color and additive supplier.
  • How color costs can be cut in half.
  • How 1 pot color and additive solutions can dramatically cut cost and complexity while increasing the efficacy of active ingredients.
As well as processing advantages, Riverdale's color system's other significant benefits are the environmental considerations, which are of growing concern for all plastics manufacturers. This is especially true in the UK with the introduction of the UK Packaging Tax coming up in April 2022.
Title: Cut Your Color Costs in Half
Speakers: Paul Edmondson, Managing Director for Riverdale Global and Maguire Europe & John Goulbourn, Satellite and Technical Sales Manager at Riverdale Global.

Discover how you can start making Sustainable Savings™ - watch the recap today.

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