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Rising Resin Costs Got You Down?

Resin prices can have a big impact on your plastics production costs.

Unlike masterbatches, which use polymer as a carrier, we use liquid color. So, you can avoid the risks of polymer shortages and rising costs and gain all the benefits of liquid color - all at half the cost of masterbatches.

On average, pelletized color costs $630k per year. Riverdale Global's liquid color costs just $297K per year.

That's a saving of over 50% when you switch to liquid color.

Why worry about polymer shortages when you can use liquid color?

*Based on 3% usage on pelletized concentrate, at a cost of $2.47 / lb. Riverdale's liquid color is based on 0.9% usage of liquid color at $3.88 / lb. Based on 100 lbs per hour, 6000 hours per year, across 10 process machines. Numbers may vary dependent on process and throughput.

We make, meter and maintain color that results in the most economical and sustainable way to color plastics. Did you know, liquid color produces fully developed color with less pigment than concentrate? Final dispersion is more complete, achieving full color strength with less pigment (often 30% less than pelletized concentrate).

The better dispersion of liquid color requires less color in a plastic part, giving recyclers an easier time to provide the industry with more post-consumer resin (PCR) to replace virgin polymer.

Ultimately, our goal is to use the least amount of color possible, while achieving customer's desired effect for greater product sustainability.

Get in touch to cut your costs in half.

Rising resin prices got you down? Get in touch to switch to liquid color.

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