Riverdale Global's innovative auto-refill system eliminates downtime for switching drums and prevents uncolored product.

We have developed a material handling system that automatically refills one or more liquid color drums during the molding or extrusion process.

Our RGInfinity™ auto-refill system:
  • Eliminates need to replace drums when empty by refilling them from a large central container, or "tote."
  • Serves one machine or can be configured to refill multiple machines running same color.
  • Keeps liquid color sealed off from the workplace through sealed connections from tote to delivery tubes to drums to metering tubes.


Each drum is mounted on a Riverdale Gravimetric Stand (RGS), which monitors the weight of color in the drum and signals a pump valve on the tote when the drum is nearly empty and again when it is full. When the central container needs to be replaced with a full one, the sealed connectors enable a quick changeover.

Containers are available in various shapes and sizes. A typical example is a 200-gallon rotomolded plastic vessel within a steel supporting framework, but it is possible to use a standard-size drum for refilling the on-line drum, replacing the empty 'refill' drum with a full one while color metering continues uninterrupted.


Our technology eliminates downtime for switching drums and reduces the occurrence of transitional or off-specification product with little or no color. Besides preventing downtime, the RGInfinity™ auto-refill system eliminates the time and labor required for operators to monitor color levels, transport and prepare replacement drums, and wait until on-line drums are finally ready for replacement.

Riverdale Global can offer custom solutions for color metering and multiple machine processes that would otherwise be unavailable.