From local service to developing technologies for your needs, customer service is our top priority.

Riverdale Global's proprietary, Computerized Color™ automates how we make, meter, and maintain color into your process. Our solutions provide the highest quality color and additive products but it can also improve your process. Faster color changes, solving dispersion issues, utilizing less energy, eliminating downtime to change out buckets, using 100 percent of your color, and reducing the need for premixers are all examples of process improvements experienced by our customers.

Computerized Color™ is the most economical method of coloring plastics.

We bring our customers all the savings and sustainability benefits of liquid through our Sealed Delivery System™. Liquid provides higher color loading, improved recyclability, faster cycle times, less torque, lower temperatures, energy savings, and reduced warehouse space. We also offer a proprietary blend of natural carriers.

Riverdale Global provides many color metering options to meet your process needs. Riverdale provides gravimetric metering for all liquid color customers. Gravimetric control is the only proven way to assure metering accuracy, reduce color usage and lower your cost of coloring. Volumetric metering systems often over-dispense expensive color. Losses are substantial. To provide the accuracy required, Riverdale provides, as standard, its proprietary, and patented gravimetric metering system, manufactured exclusively for Riverdale by Maguire Products.


We provide a sustainable, RETURN for REFILL™ service for empty containers when an order is placed for the same color. Color remaining in an "empty" container is returned to you with each refill. You save when every drop is used. Containers no longer go to your local landfill, helping you achieve your goal of Zero Waste. "Gaylord" style containers are eliminated.


Obsolete colors may be returned to Riverdale Global, which we then direct to an EPA approved disposal facility. There is no mark up for this service; it is available at the cost charged by the outside facility. Quotes upon request.


We can provide color on demand through our dynamic system and satellite network to meet both global and local needs for service and quality. We can also easily bring our technology to you by setting up a plant satellite and also during any trial with our GlobalLiteā„¢, which is the fastest method from sample to production. Benefits include:
  • Same day manufacturing
  • Local color customization
  • Computer controlled
  • Extreme accuracy, 99.995%
  • Full traceability
  • Exact order size, no waste
  • Scalable for any number of base colors
  • Maguire engineered equipment


SPDs are used for quality in-house coloring. Companies that wish to develop their own color blends in house can now do so easily with Riverdale SPDs. Colors blended from Riverdale's pre-milled SPDs are stronger, brighter, and assure consistent quality. Options for in-house color development and production include:
  • Install color development lab with SPDs in order to develop new color standards
  • Install color lab and small production set-ups for small orders
  • Install color lab and full liquid production capability for complete in-house color blending